The Transformers, simply put, is the greatest cartoon, comic, and toy series the world has ever known! My name is Lewis M. Brooks, III. I have been a fan and collector of Transformers since I was eight years old.

     This web site contains pictures of my entire Transformers non-toy collection (often called artifacts). Over 14,000 items are pictured.

     My Blog, where I mainly review Transformers can be found at My main Transformers site can be found at It includes pictures, sounds, and information about The Transformers, as well as my own Transformers Fanfic (Still in progress). At, my Transformers Tech Specs archive, you can find the Tech Specs for every US Transformer. Please explore these sites, I'm sure if you are a fan of The Transformers, or even if you remember a time when you were, you will find something you like.